Daily rituals

Productive people say it is highly important to have daily rituals to get you ready for an awesome day and keep you motivated.  I have a few already, my morning cup of tea and ‘beddy-bye’ tea/reading at night to help me sleep.  This year I have resolved to read….


…every day to keep myself inspired and motivated to create, but I wanted something more.  I have always admired artists that keep a running sketchbook of their daily adventures and  travels.  My mundane adventures never seem very sketchworthy and drawing/watercolor are not my forte.  So today I signed up for a Sketch Book Skool course that I found out about from a blog post from Danny Gregory .  I’ve been an admirer of his work for years and he’s teaching one of the modules.  How did I not know about this skool before?!  I can’t believe I just barely got in the class before it starts on Friday!  I will learn not only how to keep a sketchbook but also how to build a daily art habit.  I’m so excited I can barely contain myself!  Stay tuned for sketchy updates…..