No fear of perfection

imageAnd isn’t that the truth….

I really love this quote.  It reminds me it’s okay to make mistakes, to relax a little and give myself a break every now and then.  After all, I am not and never will be perfect.

Speaking of which, I have a confession to make.  I did not meet my goal of writing 8 blog posts in the month of March nor did I finish my big grand finale project for March….my custom painted Converse sneakers.  I find that perhaps….just maybe….my goal of posting twice a week may have been a bit unrealistic with my busy schedule.  (Classic case of life gets in the way.)  As far as the shoes are concerned, I have an idea, a plan, the supplies, and some sketching practice under my belt…..but let me tell you something, artists.  It is difficult and nerve-wracking to take a brand new $50 pair of shoes and draw all over them.  What if I ruin a perfectly good pair of sneaks?!  Not to mention I bought white so that the paint shows up better…..which ironically will allow any mistakes to show up better too!  In any case, the project will continue, and become my big project for April instead.  For now and until I build up the practice and confidence to deface my shoes, here’s a look into my inspiration for the design…..imageGrowing up, I was obsessed with Calvin and Hobbes….everyone’s favorite child/stuffed tiger duo.  I had every single Calvin and Hobbes comic book.  A couple weeks ago I reread them all, looking for the exact images I wanted….and sketching them in my sketchbook for practice.  All I can say is Bill Watterson is a genius, and I will never do him justice….but I will come as close as I can.

I suppose now you’re probably wondering what is in store for us this month.  I have been busy dissecting blooms off my forsythia bush for this month’s flower project…..forsythia branches…..nice and tall to fill an umbrella stand turned vase in my entryway.  Where will you display yours?  I must be on a yellow theme or something, yes?…..daffodils last month, forsythia this month….I do love yellow.  Since I already have a head start and my forsythia is actually not in bloom anymore, we will mix things up and create these early in the month.

As far as our sketchbooks are concerned, why don’t we take our art kit outside while the  weather is nice and sketch some nature while soaking up some sunshine?  I am attending a sketch crawl (ackkk!…super excited) next weekend at our local botanical gardens, so I should have lots of sketches and outside painting tips to share.

And then if I get bored, I will play with ideas on creating a comic strip of my own or maybe a zine.  Zines…mini magazines…I’m not completely clear on what they are…but they’re big in Europe and I want to make one filled with artwork!  I will probably also start another semester of Sketchbook Skool.  I tried to talk myself out of it….but I really love love love Sketchbook Skool!  I think I might miss it terribly if I don’t keep with it.

Well, I think that’s it for now, artists….have I bombarded you with enough plans?  I say we stop talking about them and start working on them!  Until later, this is KristyMichele, signing out….