Spring forward!….shall we?


Welcome to March, fellow artists!  The weather is warming up.  The daffodils are in bloom.  Tonight I write this to the sound of a spring thunderstorm and Tuxedo Cat fights the laptop for a space on my lap to sooth his nerves.  Ahhhh…..spring!  I hope you are ready to see and create some really cool stuff this month.  Here is a sneak peak into my March itinerary.

This month I am inspired by my bulb garden to learn to make a paper daffodil centerpiece.  I have bowls, vases, and trays galore just waiting to be filled with something pretty.  Now flat surface spaces to display those beauties?….ehhhh….not so much.  But never mind that!  For you paper crafters out there, I will be showing how to create your own paper daffodils……for the more adventurous, perhaps a spring centerpiece similar to mine.  In fact, I’d like to create and feature a different paper flower project each month.  We can all learn more about paper crafting as I start my own collection of flower studies and petal templates.

I have enrolled in another course of Sketchbook Skool called ‘Seeing’, where I will learn to see the world around me more clearly and continue my almost-daily sketching habit.   I will feature tutorials of quick and easy subjects.  For beginning sketchers or those who are timid to try, I say “start small and gain confidence”.  And gain confidence we will!

As the grand finale of the month, I intend to create a pair of painted Converse sneakers.  I love graffiti art…I love cartoon graphics…I love street style…and I LOVE my Converse sneakers.  How much fun does it sound to have my own custom-painted pair?….created by none other than…..the ever elusive…..ME!…..KristyMichele.  Ok, ok….stop rolling your eyes!  Seriously though….stop.  Inspiration and sneaker design to be determined…..

Any of you who know me personally know I can’t sit still for long.  I will forever be trying new art supplies, learning new skill sets, searching for other art blogs, and researching just about anything I can find about creating……so what I find and love, I’ll share.  If you have or find anything you’d like featured…ideas you’d like to see….skills you’d like to learn….please email me or leave me a comment!    I’m always open to my readers’ suggestions.  Oh, and I almost forgot…..each month will have it’s own inspirational quote of the month….just because I love quotes.

Sounds like we’re headed into a busy (and fun) month of projects.  Let’s spring forward and get started!  Until later…this is KristyMichele signing out.




Author: tuxedocatart

Worker bee by day.....runner, fiddler and 'jack-of-all-trades' artist by night, craving to learn all I can about whatever art form I'm obsessed with at the moment. I love landscape painting, making paper flowers and general crafting, though my interests tend to change with the wind. I'm known to browse Etsy, Hobby Lobby, and the arts/crafts/photography sections at B&N for hours looking for the perfect new project or three. Some say I have too much time on my hands. Others say I have too much going on in my life. I say bring it on!

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