The Paper Florist

Well… it is paper crafters…..the reason I have been MIA for months… very first class to teach on Skillshare!  Hopefully this is the first of several I will make in a series called The Paper Florist. 

Check it out here: The Paper Florist: Paper Flowers for Everyone

My class is meant for the absolute beginner, and will teach you three different easy-to-make flowers.

It was huge learning curve, creating and editing my own video lessons but I’m so happy I tried it.  Please enroll in my free class!  If I get 25 students I will be featured on their home page and if you sign up for premium enrollment using my link, I can get paid from Skillshare.  

I hope you enjoy my class and learn a lot from it!  For now this is KristyMichele, the Paper Florist…..signing out.